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Our Services


We provide consultancy services for general lab practices and equipment that we supply. We will provide the consultation services any time on request by our clients. We have many years of experience that we always ready to share with our clients.

Consultancy fees are charged according to your particular needs as a customer.


Pema Scientifics Ltd has qualified technical personnel that are certified by various manufacturers to install all equipment that we supply to our customers.

The technicians will assemble parts and test all the equipment’s after the installations. Our technicians will also demonstrate to the client how the equipment works. This gives our clients confidence in our products.

This is normally done at no cost to our customer and is part of our after sales service.


After successful installations or on your request as our customer, we offer training services on the various equipment that we sell.

We provide you with manuals and user guides to help you understand how the equipment works and take you through short courses that will improve your lab proficiency. We also provide helpful hints and information in helping you fully utilize the equipment you have purchased.

Importantly we also provide you with information on best practices on use of equipment to ensure long life of equipment you purchase from us.