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About The Company

Pema Scientifics Ltd was established in 2009 as Pema Medicals Ltd, with the objective of addressing the demands of an evolving and diverse health sector market by providing an efficient supply solution within the East African region.

Today, as a professional importer and distributor of a wide range of medical and Scientific products, Pema Scientifics Ltd focuses on high quality health sector, nutrition, diagnostics, life sciences research, agriculture, forensics and industrial products that offer best value for money, excellent customer service and reliable technical and back up support.


To offer professional supply services that are efficient and cost effective by providing scientific and medical products that seek to satisfy every need of our clients.


To be premium supplier of health sector and scientific products that offers best solutions for our clients wherever they may be in East and Central Africa region.

Over the last three years, Pema Scientifics Ltd has gained rich experience in distribution and supply business and innovative expertise in customer satisfaction within the health sector, nutrition, diagnostics, life sciences research, agriculture and forensics.

Looking into the future, Pema Scientifics Ltd is confident of satisfying all our customers’ diverse needs and demands in these sectors and all other relevant fields within the East African region.

Product/Service Categories

  • Life science technologies/reagents/equipments
  • Modern medical Diagnostics
  • Regenerative biomaterials
  • DNA-based medical and research assays
  • Nutrition Products
  • Public Health Products
  • Environment/bioremediation products
  • Medical, Surgical and Laboratory Products

Technical Expertise

Pema Scientifics Ltd is managed by a qualified Biochemist, Public Health and Biotechnology expert, Nutritionist and a supply chain logistician. This is in line with our philosophy of serving our clients effectively to their satisfaction.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us and visit our website.

George Wafula

Operations Manager

Cell; 0722279164/0733279164/0720121358